Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Holiday

Good morning. I hope you had a very special holiday. Ours was really wonderful. We didn't exactly have a white Christmas which really would be a Christmas miracle in Alabama but it did snow and sleet all day. It was only around 37 degrees throughout the day so it never stuck. So I guess we had "somewhat" of a white Christimas. Don and I had a nice quiet Christmas Eve together. We cooked some shrimp and then enjoyed a glass of wine while watching our favorite movie, Christmas Vacation. We know that movie by heart now but we still laugh like crazy. My son and his family came over late Christmas day and we had a wonderful meal, exchanged gifts and watched Toy Story 3 which is one of the movies we bought Clara for Christmas. I loved watching Clara opening her gifts along with my big kids of course! It's snowing again today and now we have a light dusting since it is at freezing. Unfortunately it's been just enough to mess up our plans for the day. We had planned to drive north for our Christmas with my stepson and family. But they've had snow and ice so the roads since yesterday so the roads aren't really that safe. But it is certainly a nice day to sit by a warm fire and that is exactly what we plan on doing. At least we aren't stuck in an airport right now like so many unfortunate travelers.

Now for some great creative related news. I am featured on Amy Young's A Thousand Sheets of Paper blog today and will be guest designing for her newest Sweet November release beginning tomorrow. So please go check out Amy's blog and I'll see you back here tomorrow with the first of the January sneak peeks!


  1. Sounds like your Christmas was almost perfect! Sorry the weather kept you from your stepsons though.
    Thank you agreeing to be the guest designer this month, I can't wait to see your creations! :)

  2. Merry Christmas. My husband and I have loved that movie for years now, and it sounds like you that we have it memorized also. We will be outside on a cold morning and one of us always has to remark that it is a bit N****ly out. I know we are odd. lol... Glad to meet you over on Amy's blog. I can not wait to see more of your creations. Have a great day by the fire. I grew up in Georgia we I was younger so I know how different your icey roads are from ours here in Washington state. Hugs, Lisa G

  3. Congrats on your guest designing!! Card is adorable and pearls are perfect for a princess!!