Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Holiday Wrap Up

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Ours was difficult although we tried to keep them as normal as possible. My infant grandson was born much too early on December 19. My daughter-in-law started having contractions and went immediately to the hospital but they were unable to stop them. He was perfect - just too tiny to survive. We had a small funeral for him December 27. I don't think any of us will ever forget the image of that tiny casket out of our minds and hearts. On top of that I had something that I thought might be the flu but thankfully turned out not to be but was enough to make me feel bad for a good week in the midst of all the holiday preparation. I got a late start on my shopping due to not feeling well and frankly not being that much in the Christmas spirit. We also had to travel a lot and just got home from North Carolina.

I really didn't go all out in the decorating area this year due to the things mentioned above and also because our main "prelit" tree pretty much gave up on us this year. I used what has been normally our second big tree for the main tree instead.

And a few pics of my granddaughter Clara opening up her gifts (my son Dylan in the background):

And yes, she loves dinosaurs and dragons although she also loved her My Little Ponies Wedding Castle too:

I'll be back soon with my 2012 favorite projects list.


  1. Ahh Nancy I am so sorry to hear about your little grandson :(

    Your tree is gorgeouss and so is your little girlie :) wishing you and yours all the best for 2013.
    hugs Ria

  2. My heart goes out to you and your family Nancy.
    Your tree is beautiful, and your granddaughter is a doll.
    2013 hugs, Julie.

  3. I'm thinking of you and your family. HUGS!
    Love your photos...Hope that 2013 brings nothing but happiness!

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss...thoughts and prayers to you and your family

  5. Nancy- I am so very sorry! Words cannot express.... I had no idea! My heart goes out to you and your family!!! Clara is beautiful and I love that she loves dino's and dragons :) xo

  6. Nancy- I am so sorry to hear abour the loss of your grandson- you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family!

  7. Hi Nancy, I am so sorry for your family's loss. That is not something that anyone should have to go through and I am truly can not begin to imagin. I think your tree looked fantastic and both your Son and your Granddaughter look so cute around all the gifts. I will keep you and your in my prayers, and wish you all the best for 2013. Hugs, Lisa